Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily 3013; Days 3 & 4

Day 3:
I took a picture of all the paper goods sitting on my kitchen table just in from the Sam's Club run I had done earlier in the day.  In the background is a picture of my Christmas tree with just the lights and the ribbon from the bow on top.  I have never been this late in getting the decorations on the tree... 
Here is a peek at my journaling:
Christmas Party Preparations
The tree is up, but no decorations.  Sam's Club run for upcoming party supplies.  We are responsible for the paper products at the 10u-Raiders Baseball Team Christmas Party.  I saw these blue, silver and white paper goods, which are the team colors and thought they were perfect.  The other products are for our family get-togethers.  I still have to cook other things, but  No washing dishes means more social time.  NOTE TO SELF: Make sure all tree number  tags are hidden!
I can see the #3 poking out of the tree in the background.  The best part of assembling a artificial tree is leaving on the tag #s so that you can get them in the right order the first time.
Day 4:  The Elf Returns!
We will let the journaling explain all the circles and arrow in this picture...
Can you see Carson Standing at the top of the stairs?

Journaling for Day 4:
Deejay the elf returned today while Carson was at school, but had a terrible fall when he got hit by a nerf football.  Will he return tonight?

Hope you enjoyed viewing my pages this year's album.
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