Thursday, January 16, 2014

Studio J (Anyone?)

From now till January 31st you can purchase the Studio J 5 Pack.  After that it will be discontinued, but you will have till the end of the year to complete your pages.  Here are a few pages I did using Studio J from our Trip to San Francisco and Yosemite Park in California. The hardest part was choosing between all 1700 pictures that I had taken (gasp).  I know right!

All I had to do was upload pictures and complete the journaling. 
The 5 pack can be purchased HERE!
Just to be clear the 5 pack is 5-2page layouts, so 10 actual pages.
The only other thing you will need is
 the 12" X 12" Memory Protectors™ Side Load (10) and an album.
And you can document a trip in less than an afternoon.
They can be purchased HERE and HERE!
Please contact ME, if you have any questions or need any more information!

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