Thursday, March 12, 2015

Craft Room Reorganize (Again) :-)

I have been reorganization my craft room again.  I have determined that if I can't see it, I am not using it.  So I started with my paper.  I found these great paper holders at and they fit perfect in my expedite.  And they won't break the bank!  I already had the tall paper rack.  As many of you know I had been storing my CTMH 12x12 paper in the cropper hopper hanging files, this just didn't work for me, because the colors were not easily seen.  I still have other 12x12 cardstock in the 12x12 vertical storage in the closet, but these are the most used ones, so I want them visable.  I am using the rack from the container store to now house my scrap rack spinders.  I will be posting more pics in the future, this is just a taste.  And I found an awesome deal on craigslist for a pottery barn craft table, so that allowed me to sell alot of my jetmax cubes.  Thank you to the ladies who gave these a new home!  I will try to work on a video of the room redo in the near future.  But doing my taxes are a priority right now :-(!

Let me know if you have any questions.

12x12 Paper Storage from
I cut off the wire hook end of some old letter size hanging file folders and ran it through the spindles to hang.

Pottery barn find on Craigslist.  Room overview.